Points To Consider For Local SEO For A Business

Small businesses are taking a look at local SEO and starting to see the long-term benefit. Most internet users will look up a product online before they make an offline purchase. Ensuring that they find your business means greater opportunities to expand your reach and grow your sales in a meaningful way. A state or city name approach can provide meaningful exposure to an audience of people most likely to utilize your business.

What is important in Local SEO?

The effort is a focused unification of your chosen search keywords with your local area to facilitate residents finding your business. So a lawn care company in Pasadena will want to focus on “Pasadena lawn care” rather than just “lawn care”.

Try to put yourself into the customer’s shoes. What terms would you use to try and find a business that provided your services? Local SEO differs from internet-wide SEO in that you are not as focused on getting a larger audience of interested people. Instead, you are after a smaller, local segment of people that will want to do business with you in your town.

Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, and Google Places are incredibly important assets for a local SEO campaign. Be certain to visit these sites to claim your business profile! Generating positive reviews from your customers will provide a much needed nod to the quality of your product or service. These type of sites also enable customers to find you much more efficiently through category searches.

Ask your customers to review your business or service on one of these websites. Don’t sweat the reviews that are less than positive. No one gets things right 100% of the time on the first go. It provides an ideal opportunity to respond and demonstrate your customer service skills by rectifying legitimate issues. A customer is far more likely to return to a business that made a mistake and tried to fix it than they are one who ignored it. That’s the kind of thing you want prospective customers to see.

An ideal way to tie the pages on your website to the area is by including your business address and phone number on every page. Not only does it provide a tie between the location and the content, but it also makes it that much easier for a prospective customer to find your contact information if they are ready to buy. Make it as simple as possible for the customer to utilize your business.

Title tags are of vital importance when it comes to search engine indexing. Try to use your relevant keywords in your title text in a natural way. Not only will it provide easy reference to the visitor to know they are in the right place, but search engine crawlers read the text first when trying to interpret what the page is about. All very good things for your business’s website.

Perhaps your business has more than one location in the area. Definitely create landing pages that are appropriate to each location with the appropriate information. They can be further enhanced with a greeting from the facility manager to that community that they can identify with. Not only is this great for search engine purposes, but it also helps reinforce that your business is a good neighbor to the community.

Local SEO is not an area that can be overlooked for a business interested in generating new leads. This style of Search engine optimization tends to move much quicker as information gets passed through social networks and word of mouth. Treat the customer very well and do not lash out if something negative comes up. Otherwise it could end up plastered across social networks and review sites all over the internet.

Jeff has been blogging for 4 years and contributing on blogs since 2007. He is a professional IM and SEO consultant. In his free time he guest lectures for business and marketing students at various colleges in NY. At the moment, he is writing for a real estate agency in NY that offers Queens condos for sale.


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